Hello God,

Alot Of Times i Do Not Know How To Talk To You.I Do Not Want You To See Me As An ,iI Want Your Deliverance But Even More Than That I Need Your Friendship.I I Am Ready To Do Whatever You Ask, I Promise To Work On My Temper, I Promise To No Longer Shower The Love Meant For You On Unfriendly Friends And Material Things.

I Realise Now That All I Need Is You.Thank You For Your Love,Thank You For Your Mercy,I Was  In The Valley,Empty And Hopeless,Barely Living.You Took Pity On Me And Gave Me Life.I Was In The Clutches Of Satan Himself,You Fought For Me And Took Me Back. I Fail You Every Single Day Yet Your Love For Me Remains The same.

     I Saw Nothing Good In Myself ,So Did The World,You Have A Habit Of Polishing And Redeeming Outcasts,i Am A Living Proof Of That Habit .

I Will Serve And Worship You Till The Day I Die,It Is Not An Easy Road But Your Word Tells Me That : “Many Are The Afflictions Of The Righteous,But The Lord Delivereth Him Out Of Them All”.

I Know All The Pain I Have Felt Is Me Being Battered,Broken And Brought To Nothing So I Can Be Of Use To Your Kingdom.

Thank you For Everything.


                                             Your Daughter.


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