​A lot of people have experienced this epidemic,a person who does not like you (the reason is mostly unknown) decides to make your life a living hell for their entertainment.

I Think Bullying is most intense In High school,These days Teenagers are taking their lives Because They Are Being Bullied About Their Looks,sexuality And No one is sticking up for them.Its Easy to think its ridiculous to kill yourself because of bullying ,but you can never really understand certain things if you haven’t felt it and not everyone has a high threshold for pain.

These Days bullies do not have to hit you physically,thanks to the internet the bully  can come for you on social media; horrible comments on pictures,the ones that don’t agree with your opinions and feel insulting you is the best way to get their message across.

We All Feel For The Victims of Bullying but its also important to help the bully,yup that’s what i said.Most bullies are insecure,lonely and depressed and so they deflect their pain,some do it for attention.family life also has an important role;bullying is sometimes learned behavior from a family member(s).

A lot Of People can stick up for themselves while a lot of people can’t.Too Many People Watch people get bullied and ignore it,it Is important to speak up and and protect the victim and offer help to the bully aswell.

Be Your Neighbour’s Keeper,Bullying In Any Shape Or Form Is Not And Will Never Be Okay.

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